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Diane-35: This medication contains a combination of two ingredients: cyproterone and ethinyl estradiol. Cyproterone belongs to a group of medications known as antiandrogens. Ethinyl estradiol belongs to a group of medications known as estrogens Diane 35 Tablet is a combination of two hormonal medicines: Cyproterone and Ethinyl Estradiol. It treats PCOS symptoms such as acne, excessive hair growth (hirsutism) and irregular periods. Cyproterone works by blocking the overproduction of androgens (male hormones) in the ovaries, thereby reducing unwanted hair growth and acne

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Diane 35 is a 21-day Pill - you take one each day for 21 days, followed by 7 days when you take no pills. Diane 35 will not protect you against sexually transmitted infections, such as Chlamydia or HIV. Only condoms can help to do this. Diane 35 needs to be taken as directed to prevent pregnancy. 2 What you need to know before you take Diane 35 Diane 35 Tablet is helpful in treating androgen-dependent diseases such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), excessive hair growth (hirsutism), acne and irregular periods. It is a combination of cyproterone and Ethinyl estradiol. The tablet works by preventing the overproduction of androgens in the ovaries of female, due to which unwanted. تستخدم حبوب ديان 35 (35 Diane) لمنع الحمل بالإضافة لعلاج حب الشباب وتكيس المبايض أيضا، ويجب تناولها بشكل صحيح؛ حتى لا تتسبب في آثار جانبية خطيرة. أكملي قراءة المقال لمعرفة ما هي الطريقة الصحيحة لتناول هذه الحبوب وما هي. جرعة وطريقة استخدام ديان 35 Diane 35. تحدد جرعة ديان 35 حسب عمر المريض وحالته المرضية واستجابتة للجرعة الأولى. تناول أقراص ديان 35 بعد الوجبات. جرعة ديان لعلاج فرط النشاط الجنسي: قرص مرتين يوميا Diane 35, or just Diane, is a medication that combines cyproterone acetate and ethinyl estradiol. It is an antiandrogen and progestogen, which is why Diane 35 is mainly prescribed to treat medical conditions dependent on androgens — hormones such as testosterone and androstenedione

دواعي استعمال ديان Diane 35 ومتي يبدأ مفعوله. حبوب منع الحمل المزدوج الهرموني ديان35 Diane هي حبوب يمكن استخدامها لأغراض أخرى ولها تأثير مبتكر لمنع الحمل. ويمكن استخدامها لعلاج بعض الخصائص الجسدية. حبوب ديان 35 Diane 35 لمنع الحمل من خلال موقع محتوي , ينتمي حبوب ديان 35 إلى مجموعة ادوية منع الحمل ثنائية القطب والتي يمكن استخدامها لأغراض أخرى غير منع الحمل مثل علاج حب الشباب وفي هذا المقال سوف نعرض المزيد عن حبوب منع. بيان الهيئة العامة للغذاء والدواء فيما يخص سلامة استعمال مستحضر ديان 35 (® Diane 35) 24/03/1434. محتوى الصفحة. تود الهيئة العامة للغذاء والدواء ممثلة بقطاع الدواء أن تشير إلى أنها تقوم حالياً بتقييم. حبوب منع الحمل ديان35 diane 35اغراض استعمال حبوب منع الحمل ديان ديان لحب الشباب ديان لنمو شعردواعي استعمال حبوب. Diane-35. Diane-35 may be available in the countries listed below. Ingredient matches for Diane-35 Cyproterone. Cyproterone is reported as an ingredient of Diane-35 in the following countries:. Argentina; Cyproterone 17α-acetate (a derivative of Cyproterone) is reported as an ingredient of Diane-35 in the following countries:. Canad

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Diane-35 is not for use in men and should not be used in children. DOSAGE AND DIRECTIONS FOR USE Before starting Diane-35, a thorough gynaecological examination (including the breasts and a cytological smear of the cervix) should be carried out and the family case history carefully noted. In addition, disturbances of th Diane 35 Buy Diane 35. Diane 35 is a hormonal contraceptive pill that contains both estrogen and progesterone, that you take every day at the same time of day. Use one package for each 28 days, 1 tablet daily for 21 days followed by a 7-day interval without taking any tablets (3 weeks on, 1 week off)


  1. The drug: Diane-35, which contains ethinylestradiol (35 μg) and cyproterone acetate (2 mg), provides effective birth control but is not indicated as such. 4 Cyproterone acetate has anti-androgen effects resulting in part from its blockade of androgen receptors, and Diane-35 is approved only as therapy for androgen-sensitive skin conditions.
  2. Dosage/Direction for Use. 1 tab daily at about the same time every day for 21 consecutive days starting on the 1st day of menstrual bleeding followed by a 7-day tab-free interval. Click to view Diane-35 detailed prescribing information
  3. For Diane-35 ED to be most effective, beige active tablets need to be taken uninterrupted for 7 days. If you have been taking the beige active tablets for 7 uninterrupted days and miss a beige active tablet, take the missed tablet as soon as you remember, then go back to taking your medicine as you would normally, even if this means taking two.
  4. Diane 35 tablets is a type of contraceptive pill which is manufactured by Bayer Zydus. It contains Ethinyl Estradiol & Cyproterone Acetate in combination. Ethinyl estradiol is hormone which is used as a contraceptive. Diane Pills uses. Diane pills are one of the most used option for contraceptive pill
  5. Diane 35 está vinculado a un mayor riesgo de trombosis. Según la Agencia Nacional Francesa de Seguridad de los Medicamentos (ANSM, por sus siglas en francés), el consumo de Diane 35 ha provocado la muerte de una persona por trombosis venosa (accidente tromboembólico causado por la obstrucción de un vaso sanguíneo debido a un coágulo)

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Co-Cyprindiol (Ethinylestradiol) ou Diane 35 : La pilule contre l'acné interdite en France. Article mis à jour le: 14. 10 . 2021. Co-Cyprindiol ou Diane 35 est un médicament contre l'acné très efficace prescrit lorsque le traitement antibiotique de base ne produit pas les résultats escomptés. En tant que version générique de. Diane 35 and its generics act also as hormonal contraceptives and stopping them means that you will have to use another form of contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancies. You should always read the package leaflet and be aware that there is a low risk of blood clots with these medicines. The risk of blood clots in the veins with these. Diane-35 ED, increase the risk of having a blood clot. However, the risk of having a blood clot when taking Diane-35 ED is less than the risk of having a blood clot during pregnancy. Do not take Diane-35 ED if you are concerned about an increased risk of blood clots because of age or smoking. The risk of having a heart attack or strok Diane-35 is a perfect solution. Diane-35 reduces the activity of sebaceous glands which play an important role in in the occurrence of acne and seborrhea. 3-4 months of regular use leads to the disappearance of the existing rash. Hair loss is also significantly reduced. Diane-35 may also help in hirsutism symptoms Diane-35® should be taken on the day of removal of the vaginal ring or patch, but no later than the day when a new ring is to be inserted or a new patch is stuck; - when switching from contraceptives containing only gestagens (mini-pili, injection molds, implant). A woman can switch from a mini-drink to a Diane-35® drug on any day (without a.

Dosis de DIANE 35. Antes de iniciar o reanudar el tratamiento con Diane-35 es necesario obtener una historia clínica y un examen físico completos, guiados por las contraindicaciones y las advertencias, y estos deben repetirse como mínimo 1 vez al año durante el uso de Diane-35 Diane 35 is birth control pill contains Ethinyl Estradiol a female sex hormone and Cyproterone Acetate. Cyproterone Acetate is an ingredient which is prescribed to women who have higher androgen (male sex hormone) which cause high growth of facial hair. Higher androgens in women causes infertility problem called PCOS leading to high acne as well

DIANE-35 TABLET adalah obat kontrasepsi yang mengandung kombinasi Cyproterone acetate 2 mg dan Ethinyl estradiol 0.035 mg. Obat ini digunakan sebagai kontrasepsi oral. Obat Diane-35 juga dapat digunakan untuk mengobati wanita dengan masalah jerawat yang parah, serta dapat menangani masalah lain seperti seborrhea atau hirsutisme ringan Diane-35® se utiliza para el tratamiento del acné androgénico moderado o grave (con o sin secreciones en la piel) y/o del hirsutismo (desarrollo excesivo del vello en la mujer) en mujeres en edad fértil. Cabe recalcar que Diane-35® es un medicamento hormonal y tiene propiedades anticonceptivas, por lo que no se debe emplear junto con otros. ديان 35 21 قرص. استخدم كود Nahdi25 لخصم إضافي 25 ريال. تطبق الشروط والأحكام. ديان. ديان 35 21 قرص. شارك هذا المنتج. 21.90 ر.س.‏. التحقق من توفر المنتج. التوصيل للمنزل ساعتين

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Diane-35 موانع استعمال أقراص: ليس من أي مرض من أمراض الشرايين التاجية أو الدماغية، حالات الاكتئاب الحاد. كما مرض السكري، اضطراب للانصمام الخثاري، أو ذا كنت تعاني من اليرقان خلال فترة الحمل. كما يجب الابتعاد عن الجلطات. Diane-35 was originally designed as a treatment for acne, not PCOS, nor was it intended for long-term use. It is an anti-androgen, meaning that it suppresses production of male hormones. Since women with polycystic ovary syndrome typically have excess production of androgens, Diane-35 is sometimes prescribed

My reason for taking diane-35 was due to really bad adult acne and it did help 100% with the acne and helped reduce my naturally oily skin. I have been taking diane-35 a month shy of 2 years now, about 2-3 weeks after starting the pill I became very moody, and I was very irritable and had no control over it and this lasted throughout.. Diane 35 Tablet is a combination medicine containing Cyproterone and Ethinylestradiol. Ethinylestradiol is a synthetic female sex hormone and reduces male sex hormone (androgens) in females. Cyprotero. ne is responsible for blocking the actions of the male sex hormone (androgen). Diane 35 Tablet is used to treat androgenic hormone-dependent. اللي جربت مانع الحمل diane 35 تدخل وتشاركني !!! اهلا اختى مهى وعذرا على التأخير فى الرد عليك. شوفى حبيبتى حبوب DIANE-35 تستخدم اولا لمعالجة الأمراض المعتمدة على هرمون التذكير في النساء، مثل علاج.

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Diane pills is a brand of oral contraceptive. This contains progestogen and estrogen hormones that serves as contraception. Here at theAsianparent Philippines, it's important for us to give information that is correct, significant, and timely Diana® 35 ist eine Antibabypille der Schering Deutschland GmbH und seit 1985 zugelassen. Sie enthält die Wirkstoffe Cyproteronacetat und Ethinylestradiol und zählt aus diesem Grund zu den kombinierten oralen Kontrazeptiva. Da bei dieser Pille ein erhöhtes Risiko für Thrombosen mit teilweise schwerwiegenden Folgen beobachtet wurde, wird.

Diane 35 has Active ingredient Cyproterone and Ethinyl Estradiol. Ethinyl Estradiol is a female hormone that improves the female hormone level estradiol. It works as contraception too. Cyproterone is an antiandrogen. A higher level of androgens is the main cause of acne in girls. The antiandrogen cyproterone decreases androgen and Ethinyl. Diane 35 est un médicament indiqué dans le traitement de l'acné et parfois utilisé comme contraceptif oral. Comme les pilules de 3ème et 4ème générations, il est associé à un risque accru de survenue d'accidents thrombo-emboliques veineux ou artériels. Diane 35 est commercialisé depuis juillet 1987 en France et est indiqué dans le. Poruka. 2.555. 29.09.2006. u 14:39 - DIANE 35. #4. sa njima sam ostala trudna, pa da ti kompletiram sliku. i nisam jedina, znam jos jednu devojku koja je ostala u drugom stanju sa njima. meni je lekar bukvalno rekao: prepisacu ti, ali ti ne trebaju. neces moci da ostanes trudna bez intervencije Diane®-35. Garantierte & kostenlose Lieferung heute Abend Garantierte & kostenlose Lieferung morgen Abend, wenn Sie innerhalb 20:46:30 mit NOW!-Premiumversand bestellen. Siehe Details. Unser Partner ZAVA ist der führende Anbieter telemedizinischer Leistungen für Patienten in Deutschland und Europa الآثار الجانبية لاستعمال 35 Diane في معالجة الشعر الزائد لدى الفتاة السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته أنا فتاة أبلغ من العمر 20 عاما أعاني من الشعر الزائد في جسمي بشكل واضح ومحرج للغاية مما يسبب لي حرجا دائما أتمنى أن أجد.

Buenos días, Ya hablamos de un grupo de anticonceptivos orales en un post pasado y hace poco, pero Diane 35 diario, merece una mención exclusiva ;), y ahora veréis el motivo. Soléis pasaros por la Farmacia en busca de este afamado «anticonceptivo», lo primero porque os lo suele recomendar la vecina o amiga, (como siempre [ They originally contained 50 μg EE (Diane); subsequently, the EE dosage was decreased to 35 μg in a new low-dose preparation in 1986 (Diane-35). Society and culture Generic names. Co-cyprindiol, a shortened form of combination of cyproterone acetate and ethinylestradiol, is a generic name of EE/CPA Diane-35 Tablet may cause side effects such as fatigue and lassitude, which could affect your ability to concentrate and drive. Kidney Warning ( No Data ) Diane-35 Tablet should be used with caution in patients with kidney disease as kidney is the place where excretion takes place. To avoid Diane-35 Tablet toxicity, dose adjustment of Diane-35.

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Cyproterone acetate (CPA), sold alone under the brand name Androcur or with ethinylestradiol under the brand names Diane or Diane-35 among others, is an antiandrogen and progestin medication used in the treatment of androgen-dependent conditions such as acne, excessive hair growth, early puberty, and prostate cancer, as a component of feminizing hormone therapy for transgender women, and in. Diane-35 deve ser tomado regularmente de modo a atingir o efeito terapêutico e a protecção contraceptiva requerida. O regime posológico de Diane-35 é semelhante ao regime posológico da maioria dos contraceptivos orais. Assim, as mesmas regras de administração devem ser consideradas DIANE 35 contiene 31 mg de lactosa monohidrato y 19 mg de sacarosa por gragea. Las pacientes con una intolerancia rara hereditaria a la galactosa o la fructosa, de insuficiencia de lactasa, problemas de absorción de glucosa o galactosa o insuficiencia de isomaltasa-sacarasa no deben tomar DIANE 35

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Diane 35 wordt voorgeschreven als anticonceptiepil, maar voornamelijk bij hevige acne of buitensporige haargroei. De werkzame stoffen in Diane 35 zijn 35microgram ethinylestradiol en 2mg cyproteronacetaat. Cyproteronacetaat lijkt op het vrouwelijke geslachtshormoon progesteron en dit gaat de werking tegen van het mannelijke geslachtshormoon (anti androgeen). Wanneer je gevoelig bent voor het. Diane-35 is used as a oral contraceptive as well for the the treatment of signs of androgenisation in women, such as severe acne (involving inflammation or nodularity or risk of scarring) where prolonged oral antibiotics or local treatment alone has not been successful, or idiopathic hirsutism of mild to moderate degree. The Swiss Pharmacy. Follow Diane Kruger (née Heidkrüger; German: [diˈaːnə ˈkʁuːɡɐ]; born 15 July 1976) is a German and American actress and former fashion model.Early in her career, Kruger gained worldwide recognition and received the Trophée Chopard from the Cannes Film Festival.She then became known for her roles in film as Helen in the epic war film Troy (2004), Dr. Abigail Chase in the heist film National. Diane 35 Tab. Rp 180.248. Beli DIANE 35 TAB di K24klik, 100% asli dan dapatkan manfaatnya sebagai obat kontrasepsi oral kombinasi untuk mencegah kehamilan

Diane 35 é uma pílula anticoncepcional e anti-acne fabricada pelos laboratórios Bayer e comercializada desde 1987. Bestseller vendido em todo o mundo, dados indicam que em França foi prescrita a 315.000 mulheres que confiaram na tripla ação desta pílula contraceptiva de elevada eficácia Diane 35 deve ser tomado regularmente, a fim de alcançar a eficácia terapêutica e o efeito contraceptivo. A ingestão irregular pode levar a sangramentos intermenstruais, além de reduzir a eficácia terapêutica e o efeito contraceptivo de Diane 35. As drágeas devem ser ingeridas na ordem indicada na cartela, por 21 dias consecutivos.

Diane 35 hộp 21 viên thuốc tránh thai dùng hằng ngày cho phụ nữ. Thuốc kê đơn chỉ bán tại nhà thuốc. Thành phần: Mỗi viên nén bao đường màu cam nhạt (be) chứa Ethinylestradiol (0.035mg) và cyproteron acetat (2mg). Tá dược: Một số chất khác Lactose monohydrat, tinh bột ngô, povidon 25000. View Diane Sullivan's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Diane has 7 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Diane's. Diane-35 review by 32 year old female patient. Standard 30 day pack. (dosage frequency: daily -21 days on, 7 off.) for the period of 6 years. Modest decrease in acne related skin conditions. Not dramatic, but since can be used as an oral contraceptive, it is easily combined into a medication that performs two funtcions. No noticeable side-effects Diane-35 is a form of the contraceptive pill that is used to treat severe acne and hyper-androgenisation - that's when there are too many male hormones in the female body Diane ® 35 (acetato de ciproterona + etinilestradiol) não deve ser utilizado na presença das condições descritas a seguir. Caso você apresente qualquer uma destas condições, informe seu médico antes de iniciar o uso de Diane 35 (acetato de ciproterona + etinilestradiol)

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Thuốc Diane 35 Điều Trị Mụn Trứng Cá, Tránh Thai (21 Viên) Diane - 35 có thành phần chính Ethinylestradiol và cyproteron acetat để điều trị mụn trứng cá mức độ vừa đến nặng do nhạy cảm với androgen (kèm hoặc không kèm tăng tiết bã nhờn) và/hoặc chứng rậm lông ở phụ nữ độ tuổi sinh sản, ngoài ra còn là thuốc. Diane-35(cyproterone + ethinylestradiol): Androgen-dependent diseases in women eg, acne, accompanied by seborrhea or by inflammation or formation of nodes

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acetaminophen - codeine - caffeine (Acet, Acetaminophen 300 mg, Caffeine and 8 mg Codeine Phosphate by Pharmascience, Acetaminophen 500 mg Compound Tablets with Codeine, Acetaminophen with Caffeine and Codeine by Vita Health Products, Acetaminophen with Codeine by Pharmascience, Acetaminophen with Codeine by Teva, Acetaminophen, Caffeine and 8 mg Codeine Phosphate by Pharmetics, Acetaminophen. Potential Side Effects Of Diane-35. While taking Diane-35 daily, you might experience the following side effects: - Headaches. - Upset stomach (aches, bloating and cramping) - Vomiting and nausea. - Dizziness. - Breast tenderness. Diane-35 might affect and raise your blood pressure الآثار الجانبية لـ Diane-35 Tablet: مثله مثل باقية الأدوية التي لها العديد من الآثار الجانبية نادرة الحدوث ومنها: كثرة حب الشباب. عدم نزول الدورة الشهرية في موعدعها المحدد. حساسية مفرطة، و تعرض عنق.

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Diane-35 (cyproterone acetate): safety concerns. Reason for posting: Diane-35, an oral contraceptive with anti-androgen properties, has been heavily marketed to young women 1 and has seen its Canadian sales jump by 45% between 2000 and 2001 alone. 2 However, many physicians may be unaware of concerns about the drug's safety profile 3 and the. Diane 35 µg, comprimé enrobé est une association estroprogestative, composée d'un progestatif, l'acétate de cyprotérone, et d'un estrogène, l'éthinylestradiol, et est administré pendant 21 jours au cours de chaque cycle menstruel. Sa composition est similaire à celle d'un contraceptif oral combiné (COC) Diane 35. Diane 35 was approved in Canada in 1998 and it has never been approved in the USA. It was approved in Europe, Asia and also Latin America for the purposes of birth control and acne treatment. The first warning sign was the case in Germany when a woman using Diane 35 for 14 years died because of liver cancer Diane-35 is a medicine, manufactured by Schering that, according to BirthControl.com, contains a combination of cyproterone and ethinyl estradiol 1 2. Cyproterone is a type of antiandrogen, which means it prevents the effect of many sex hormones. Ethinyl estradiol is an estrogen-like drug that can help prevent pregnancy and help with acne

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Diane-35 Tablet is used for Excessive hair growth on the face and body in women, Severe acne in women, Prevention of pregnancy, Advanced prostate cancer, Early puberty, Male hypersexuality and other conditions. Diane-35 Tablet may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide. Diane-35 Tablet contains Cyproterone Acetate and. Diane 35 är en medicin för behandling av omåttlig hårväxt och svåra varianter av akne hos kvinnor. Detta läkemedels aktiva ämnen är hormonerna cyproteron och etinylestradiol. Cyproteron har antiandrogyn verkan: det motverkar manliga hormoners effekt. Läkemedlet är receptbelagt. Obs: Dianette är samma sak som vad i Svenska är känt som Diane 35. Beställer du Diane 35 från ett. Diane-35 is sold to pharmacy wholesalers at a cost of $19.00 per cycle. The cost for the patient will vary a lot depending on the point of purchase (all chains sell the product at a different price) and the province (different coverage and pharmacist dispensing fees)

Die Diane 35 ist neben dem effektiven Einsatz als Antibabypille, auch bekannt für die Behandlung von hormonell bedingter Akne & Hirsutismus.Damit gilt die Diane als besonders antiandrogene Pille. Aktive Wirkstoffe der Diane-35 Pille sind Ethinylestradiol und Cyproteronacetat in 2 mg & 35 mcg Buy Rx: Diane-35 Online at Southstar Drug Free Shipping for Orders Over ₱1,499 Now Serving Orders Nationwide Order Now! Cyproterone acetate + Ethinylestradiol 2MG/0.035MG Antiandrogen 21 Tablets / box REMINDER: A doctor's prescription is required to purchase this product Diane 35 bei DoktorABC kaufen. Diane 35 von Jenapharm ist eine Kombinationspille zur Behandlung von Hauterkrankungen wie beispielsweise Akne bei Frauen im gebärfähigen Alter mit Androgenüberschuss. Das hormonelle Verhütungsmittel kombiniert 0,035mg des synthetischen Östrogens Ethinylestradiol mit 2mg des Gestagens Cyproteronacetat pro Pille إرشادات استخدام ديان 35. الهدف الأساسي لـ Diane 35 هو علاج حب الشباب والشعرانية ، والهدف الثانوي هو منع الحمل. كل شريط يحتوي على 21 قرصاً يتم تناولها بشكل مستمر وفي وقت محدد دون نسيان لمدة 21 يوماً

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Poruka. 2.555. 29.09.2006. u 14:39 - DIANE 35. #4. sa njima sam ostala trudna, pa da ti kompletiram sliku. i nisam jedina, znam jos jednu devojku koja je ostala u drugom stanju sa njima. meni je lekar bukvalno rekao: prepisacu ti, ali ti ne trebaju. neces moci da ostanes trudna bez intervencije DIANE 35 microgrammes, comprimé enrobé n'est pas indiqué après la ménopause. Patientes atteintes d'insuffisance rénale. DIANE 35 microgrammes, comprimé enrobé n'a pas été étudié de façon spécifique chez les patientes atteintes d'insuffisance rénale Prijs Diane-35 vanaf € 62,60. Dosering Diane-35: 2 mg cyproteronacetaat en and 35 microgram ethinylestradiol - 2 mg/35 µg. Prijs Diane-35 (incl. online consult): vanaf 3 strippen - vanaf € 62,60. 2 online apotheken waar u veilig, anoniem en snel Dianette (Diane-35) kunt aanschaffen: Bekijk apotheek 1 Diane-35 erkeklerde kullanılmaz. Uyarılar/Önlemler: Diane-35 gibi estrogen/progestogen kombinasyonları ile ilgili klinik ve epidemiyolojik deneyimler büyük oranda kombine oral kontraseptiflere dayanmaktadır. Bu nedenle, kombine oral kontraseptiflerin kullanımı ile ilgili aşağıdaki uyarılar Diane-35 için de geçerlidir O Diane 35® é um anticoncepcionais combinado de 21 comprimidos. Como a grande maioria dos anticoncepcionais desse tipo, deve ser iniciado no primeiro dia da menstruação, e continuar tomando um comprimido por dia, com água, de preferência no mesmo horário, seguindo a seta e os dias da semana consecutivamente

O DIANE 35 é um MEDICAMENTO à base de Ciproterona + Etinilestradiol. O DIANE 35 está disponível na forma de Comprimido revestido. O DIANE 35 é um Medicamento com Substâncias Associadas. O DIANE 35 é MEDICAMENTO sujeito a Receita Médica Diane 35 Information: Diane 35 is an estrogen and progestin combination used to prevent pregnancy. It may also be used to regulate the menstrual cycle, treat symptoms of menopause, or treat other conditions as determined by your doctor.TRY TO TAKE THIS MEDICINE at the same time every day, not more than 24 hours apart

Diane-35 est un médicament à base d'éthinylestradiol et d'acétate de cyprotérone (commercialisé en Belgique, France, Suisse, Canada) surtout utilisé pour traiter l'acné chez les jeunes femmes, également utilisé comme moyen de contraception.. Diane-35 est fabriquée par les laboratoires Bayer depuis 1987 Diane® 35 não protege contra infecções causadas pelo HIV (AIDS), nem contra qualquer outra doença sexualmente transmissível. É recomendável consultar o médico regularmente para que ele possa realizar os exames clínico geral e ginecológico de rotina e confirmar se o uso de Diane® 35 pode ser continuado Diane 35. Ahoj, já beru Diane 35 asi tři roky, nikdy jsem velké (ťuk ťuk) problémy s pletí neměla, ale dostala jsem ji na ni, protože jsem předtím měla antikoncepci po které se mi dost zhoršila. Za celou dobu jsem nepřibrala - tedy přibrala, ale nepřikláním to antikoncepci

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DIANE-35 (cyproterone acetate and ethinyl estradiol) is indicated for the treatment of women with severe acne, unresponsive to oral antibiotic and other available treatments, with associated symptoms of androgenization, including seborrhea and mild hirsutism. Note: DIANE-35 is NOT indicated for the purposes of contraception Diane-35 si cancerul. Cancerul de san a fost diagnosticat putin mai des la femeile care utilizeaza contraceptive orale combinate dar nu se stie daca tratamentul in sine este cauza. De exemplu, se poate ca mai multe. tumori sa fie detectate la femeile care utilizeaza contraceptive combinate deoarece acestea sunt mai Ce conţine Diane-35. 21 de drajeuri bej care conţin etinilestradiol (0,035 mg) şi acetat de ciproteronă (2 mg). Celelalte componente sunt: lactoză monohidrat, amidon de porumb, povidonă 25, stearat de magneziu, zahăr, povidonă 700000, macrogol 6000, carbonat de calciu precipitat, talc, glicerol 85%, dioxid de titan (E 171), oxid galben de fer (E 172), ceară Montanglicol